Machining and finishing

A good finish defines
much more than the
aspect of one piece


We can deliver your parts Mould either direct or with different finishes and endings.


Some thermoplastics have its own color, texture and shine like attributes of the material itself. Sometimes it is interesting lacquering, painting, polishing, or provide a treatment of abrasion or punching to the piece.


Consult us: the variety of finishes is important, and can influence the characteristics of strength, durability, ease of use, cleaning, etc ... beyond the aesthetics.


Main options including:

  • Powder paint, lacquer, varnish.
  • Polished, brushed, mirror finish.
  • Custom screws and threading. Direct from the Mould.
  • Imitation wood, granite, marble or similar.
  • Bactericide finish, dirt or grease repellent finish.
  • Fusion of two or more types of material in one piece



Visit our gallery of examples: