Polyurethane injection


Polyurethane can make pieces of dimensions and features that are almost impossible with other thermoplastics


The Polyurethane belongs to the family of thermoplastics, but it is a special case because of its special characteristics.


Polyurethane is the reference choice in large parts. Retaining all the good characteristics of other thermoplastics, adds better behavior in mold, excellent resistance to wear, abrasion, tensile and tear, is tough and resistant to grease, oil and oxidation.


Main features:

  • Larger sized pieces can be achieved at much lower cost.
  • Comparatively, requires much cheaper molds.
  • Pieces made with Polyurethane, otherwise, would be impossible by other methods.
  • The same mold may be adapted to: rigid, semirigid or flexible parts with little or no cost.



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