Injection allows make almost any shape imaginable as its main advantage


The main thermoplastics are polyurethane, polyamide, ABS, PVC, although the list is long and there is a huge variety of materials and additives that provide special features and designs its parts.


Thermoplastics are injected under pressure into molds, and can take every conceivable form, from the simplest to the most complex. In ALYP we have a long experience working with this technique and we can advise what variety of material is best suited to the technical needs of your designs..


Main features

  • Variety of parts that can be manufactured
  • The speed of mass production with high level of production and low costs
  • Complex geometries impossible by other methods
  • Parts with little or no need for further finishing: direct from mold in color, texture and transparency desired.
  • Possibility of inclusion of other materials such as metal or other plastics to produce complex parts.



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